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Computerized Judging System 
Model 760 

bulletUses 1, 2, 3, or 5 judges
bulletDisplays each vote plus total
bulletIn - Out Voting
bulletTotal or Average votes
bullet1 - 10 or 1 - 100 votes
bulletOne Year Warranty



The RMF Model 760 Judging System was designed specifically for camera club competitions and exhibition judging.  It can be used wherever  panelists are required to confidentially evaluate an item or event and display their findings simultaneously for the benefit of a scorekeeper and an audience.

The basic system utilizes a computer (not supplied) along with 3 easy to hold keypad judge controls, interconnecting cables, computer software and a carrying case.  2 optional controls can be added if 5 judges are needed.  The keypads connect to the computer via the USB port.   The computer controls the voting and the monitor displays the individual votes and total.   Results are also saved in an Excel database file for recordkeeping. 

As an image is projected, each judge selects a number on his individual control.  After the last vote, regardless of order, the individual votes and the total score will be automatically displayed in large easy to read characters on the computer monitor.  After the score is recorded, pressing the computer space bar will reset the system for the next vote.

Judge controls include a 1 - 10 or 1 - 100 range of votes.  The system also permits fast "In-Out" voting for tie breaking competitions. 

Model 760 Judging System consists of three numeric keypads for judge controls,  4 connecting USB cables, a USB hub, software CD, Carrying Case and instructions.

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Price:  3 Judge System is  $245.00 plus $20.00 Shipping (USA Orders)

Price:  5 Judge System is $290.00 plus $20.00 Shipping (USA Orders)

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