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Gepe Slide Mounts

The Preferred Slide Mount for Exhibitions

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We have a supply of the regular full frame Gepe Mounts.

These are the standard 24mm x 36mm size for 35mm film.

Boxes of 20 mounts are $10 plus $2.50 postage

We also have many of the other sizes so
let us know what you need

GEPE Catalog

These special super-thin glass slide mounts are made of heat-resistant plastic  and feature pre-assembled glass plates and metal masks.  A unique ventilating system prevents the formation of Newton-Rings and insure razor-sharp, fuzzy-free borders of the projected image.   Transparencies are easily mounted into the binders, protecting them against dust, dirt and finger marks.  The two halves of the slide mount are snapped together by a slight pressure and can be easily opened for re-use.











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